April 19, 2001
Cleo rallies slightly

This morning Cleo is better, and looking for food. I give her fluids, with the tagament shot. We've stopped the Reglan, and she's not vomiting. She's still having diarrhea.

She looks a little better today, and spends the majority of the day sleeping in the window seat. She eats a tiny amount — maybe three ounces. She's getting the Dexamethasone in her ear now.

She looks very interested in our dinner, and comes over to sit with us while we eat. But she won't eat anything, and she goes to lay under the coffee table. This is her spot when she doesn't feel well. I'm worried about her.

I know the medicine needs time to work. She seems so unhappy though. It's so hard to know what to do.

I suspect that even if she pulls through this, her days are now numbered. If I knew we could still have some good quality time left together, even a couple of weeks, that her good days would outnumber her bad, then I'd know it's worth it. But the first time I'm not sure.

We've been here before, of course, and she made an amazing recovery. But there's so much more wrong with her now. I don't want her to suffer.

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