April 18, 2001
Maybe it's time?

I have never seen Cleo so miserable. I think she's a bit warm. She won't eat. I call the vet, and I'm a mess — I can barely talk. They say bring her right in and they'll show me how to syringe feed her.

She doesn't even blink an eye when they take her temperature, and it turns out she's running a fever (104) — no wonder she's so miserable. The vet says they would certainly support putting her to sleep, but they still think there's some hope.

So I leave her at the vet (how I hate to do that), and they test her kidneys (still good), try to get a urine sample, but never can (but there is blood in the urine, and white blood cells); her white blood cells are raised overall.

They give her a shot of Dexamethasone and Amoxicillin. She actually eats fairly well for them. Her fever comes down, and I take her home at the end of the day. She still didn't want to eat for me that night. I give her fluids, since they didn't do that at the vets. We've ordered the Dexamethasone in an ear gel, because I'm concerned she's not eating enough to get the full amount.

We don't know why she spiked a fever, or why it came down. I think the vets strongly suspect cancer now.

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